The phone is ringing but will Dewhurst answer?

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Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst have emerged as the top two candidates in the race for the US Senate, but have yet to go head to head in a debate. That’s why I was excited to see the Grassroots Texans Network offer to host at least two debates between these two men. Debates are important because candidates are forced to look voters in the eye while answering the hard questions. Cruz has answered this call by participating in nearly, if not all, of the US Senate forums.

However, Dewhurst has done the exact opposite and skipped 15 forums. That’s not a very good sign. As you know press releases and carefully scripted speeches are not enough. They don’t reveal where the candidate really stands and feels about an issue. I don’t want to hear from the campaign, I want to hear from the candidate.

Please join me in asking David Dewhurst to accept the Grassroots Texans Network invitation, so we can see these two candidates go head to head. The voters deserve it.

You can see the full press release below from the Grassroots Texans Network below.

The Grassroots Texans Network
6333 East Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75214


Katrina Pierson
The Grassroots Texans Network


DALLAS, TEXAS, November 3, 2011 – Local grassroots organizations in the Greater Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas have offered to host David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz as participants in a pair of Lincoln-Douglas style debates.  Cruz proposed a series of such debates in a public letter to Dewhurst released on Monday.

King Street Patriots of Houston has offered its 300-seat hall as a venue for one of the debates.  King Street Patriots founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht noted the importance of such debates in evaluating candidates, noting “Good governing requires the ability to clearly articulate points and powerfully defend positions.  These debates will allow voters to get a glimpse of the candidate’s potential prowess on the floor of the Senate, where they will be called upon to speak on behalf of all Texans.”  The group has proposed November 28 and December 5 as potential event dates, but has made clear that they are committed to working with the candidates’ schedules.

Houston talk radio host Michael Berry of 740 KTRH has offered to serve as a moderator for any debate in the Houston area.  Berry explains, “Texas primary voters deserve the benefit of hearing the candidates debate the issues. This is an important seat and will help determine the direction of the Senate. I hope Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst will agree to participate.”

In North Texas, a coalition comprising the Dallas Tea Party, Garland Tea Party, Mesquite-Sunnyvale Tea Party, NE Tarrant Tea Party and the Park Cities-Preston Hollow Tea Party have come together to make a similar offer to the candidates.  Julie McCarty, President of the NE Tarrant Tea Party, is hopeful that an event will be organized in North Texas.  “Citizens are taking a much closer look at the candidates these days,” McCarty notes, “Any candidate that expects our support is going to have to show up and make the case.”  The Dallas-Fort Worth coalition is proposing to hold the debate on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas.  They are prepared to work with the candidates and the University to identify mutually-acceptable dates for a debate.

About The Grassroots Texans Network: a non-partisan statewide network of hardworking Texans dedicated to the advancement of fundamental American principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, the rule of law and American sovereignty.  The network’s mission is to advance these core principles by informing fellow Texans on the issues and working to actively engage them in the political process.  Readers can learn more at

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