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This week’s for Texas Blog Friday we are highlighting Lawrence Person’s BattleSwarm Blog. This week he wrote a post worth highlighting called “Pat Buchanan 1, David Brooks 0” which covers why Republicans need to stand strong and not raise the debt limit. We are less than a month away from America “defaulting” on its debt unless real cuts and prioritization of funds are made so we are in for a big battle.

I am also happy to see that Texas Blog Friday is starting to catch on as we look to promote other conservative blogs in Texas(or anywhere else for that matter). Jonathon McClellan made his first TBF post this week and I hope if you are a blogger that you build on this tradition.

Pat Buchanan 1, David Brooks 0

Since leaving the Reagan Administration, Patrick Buchanan has been, at best, an erratic conservative, on any number of issues (Israel, Iraq, Free Trade, etc.), flogging a philosophy (“paleoconservatism”) that failed to catch on with any but a tiny fringe, and carried out political adventures ill-advised at best and amazingly stupid a good portion of the time. (I mean, why would you even want to take over the Reform Party? That’s like stealing a half-chewed bone from a blind dog; even if you succeed, you’ve disgraced yourself for a worthless prize.)

You can read the full post about the battle over the debt limit by clicking here.


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