Rep. David Simpson: Hero or Heretic(the political kind)?

April 22, 2011 By: MattSDowling Category: David Simpson, Texas Politics


Whether you like Rep. David Simpson or not he is sure making a name for himself in the Texas House. He was one of two Republicans who voted against the House budget because it did not cut enough programs and he did not feel money that was being spent was being spent wisely. He is now unilaterally knocking local and consent bills off of the House calendar. Local and consent bills only apply to a representatives district or are not controversial enough that they need any further debate therefore they are fast tracked to passage. So you can imagine the feeling when one House member knocks another House members bill off of that calendar. It is essentially like poking the bills author in the eye so you better have a good reason for doing it. When the bill is knocked off the L&C calendar it doesn’t kill the bill but it does slow it down and is subjected to further points of order.

The Texas Tribune reports that he has knocked 3 bills off the L&C calendar and is suffering the consequences. They point out that he has not broken any House rules but co-authors on his bills are starting to jump ship and he was quoted as saying, “It’s been a little lonely up there today.” This begs the question is Rep. Simpson is doing the right thing or should he be playing more nicely with his colleagues? The way Rep. Simpson sees it he is standing up for his values and principles and isn’t going to let politeness stand in the way. His colleagues see him as breaking unwritten decorum rules and being “annoying.”

So instead of allowing politicians decide whether he is a hero or a heretic(the political kind) I think YOU should decide. Vote in the poll below to voice your option.


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2 Comments to “Rep. David Simpson: Hero or Heretic(the political kind)?”

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  2. Ted Turner says:

    Rep. David Simpson killed making Salvia illegal in Texas. His excuse was that it should not be banned for religious purposes. The problem with that is that there is only one place in the world that uses it for religious purposes and that is a small village in Mexico. Mr. Simpson has a Ron Paul want to be attitude. He is a libertarian and riding the Republican shirt tail to get his libertarian message out. He has not represented his district at all only and only forced his libertarian agenda.


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